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Estate Sales

The Galleries of Brian Brigham offers a full service estate sale division. We feel a tag sale is a more profitable and more personal way of liquidating an estate and disposing of household goods. Whatever life change comes your way, we can help with a full or partial estate sale.
We have the research experience, organizational skills, staff, following and resources to ensure your needs are met and your estate sale is a success.
Our Estate Tag Sale Division will: • Provide an experienced and knowledgeable customer service staff to come into your home and price every item that we feel can be sold.

•  Provide all necessary tables and supplies for set up.​
• Coordinate sale promotion and advertising.
•  Provide directional signage to the sale location.
•  Perform research on items to set prices accurately.
​ •  Contact interested parties to purchase unsold items, offer consignment options for unsold items,
​or coordinate donation of unsold items to the charity of the client's choosing.
•  Broom clean the residence at the conclusion of the sale and place all trash outside for pick-up.
​ •  Reconcile sale receipts and provide payment to the client within 7-10 business days.

​Our staff is happy to survey your Estate items to determine if an Estate Sale is the best option for you. Contact Us for a Free Consultation.

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